How Ordyslexie can help children suffering from dyslexia

While different countries may have slight variances in the structure of their education systems, and not all stories or practices are relevant or applicable across the globe, there are some human factors that transcend nationality and location. One such hurdle that children – and educators – all over the world may have to contend with is dyslexia. We’re going to travel across “La Manche”, as our Gallic cousins call it, to see how teachers in France are taking dyslexia through the use of technology.

Dyslexia, today involves 200,000 children in the French school system. Denis Masson’s aim is to help dyslexics in their learning process at school and Microsoft OneNote makes this possible. In order to achieve this, Denis created Ordyslexie: a hybrid computer, PC and tablet, specially adapted to teaching children suffering from Dyslexia. The solution which is a real digital notepad, runs on Windows and runs OneNote. Simple, powerful and affordable, Ordyslexie is a real asset for dyslexic children and helps restore their confidence:

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